Our Core Values

We, the founders and current Board of Directors, passionately believe in the following basic principles for developing inspired care of people with ALS (pALS).

Everybody counts or nobody counts.

When dealing with needs of people suffering from a disease of unknown origin, we prefer the economics of efficacy over efficiency. It does NOT mean that we do not care about using resources efficiently. It means that we care about EVERYONE and the problems that they face. We believe in providing solutions to existing human problems, no matter how small the population it directly benefits.

By virtue of being a rare disease, ALS does not command a significant amount of attention and resources. We believe that people with ALS and their families need everybody’s help so that they continue to be hopeful, happy, and productive members of society.

Even in disease, people should be given the chance to develop their full personal, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Life is a gift that should not be wasted; it should be allowed the opportunity to mature. Every human being should have the chance to find meaning in all of life’s experiences, including the experience of illness. Furthermore, each person deserves a chance to develop his/her potential in order to be a productive member of society, despite the illness.

People are multi-dimensional, not only body and mind.

To fully develop as a human being, a person needs to pay attention to every aspect of his being: physical, emotional, social, spiritual. When a person becomes ill, all aspects of his being needs to be nurtured or run the risk of imbalance.  Imbalances within a person’s being impact his behavior and ability to heal.

Services for those affected by the illness are limited only by one’s imagination.

All pALS and/or those affected by the illness should have access to the fullest range of services possible to improve their quality of life. Cooperation and collaboration with other entities engaged in the provision of services to pALS and/or those affected by the illness will enlarge the breadth and depth of these services. All such entities should seek ways to cooperate and collaborate for the good of their client pALS.

Every action in the service of fellow citizens should be carried out in a manner above reproach and show integrity in every step of the process.

Service providers receiving public assistance and private donations are responsible for fiscal integrity and transparency to maintain the trust and goodwill of the public, clients, and donors.