Imagine going to the doctor because your foot has been cramping lately. Then after shocking you with cattle prods, poking you with needles, and entombing you in an MRI machine for hours on end, having them say that the foot thing will more than likely kill you within 3 years. They'll say it real casual-like, because it is something they've told hundreds of others before: it's not their first rodeo. Then they'll send in a social worker to ask if you are suicidal or thinking of harming others.

Later on that night your friends will be talking about sports or reality TV and your brain will be wondering which of your body parts will decompose fastest. It's not so much that you are dwelling on it; your brain just has new material to obsess about. You'll watch your married friends argue over the stupidest s*** you can possibly imagine. You'll have friends jokingly threaten suicide over some b***s*** because they aren't thinking of how their words sound to others. Religion will be brought up CONSTANTLY. All while you are wondering if you should wander off into the woods and disappear without telling anybody so that your loved ones don't have to see you go through the kind of death that makes most people cringe just to look at you.

Then one day in random conversation you'll discover that your friend is a cancer survivor. Somebody who has been through what you are going through now. You'll finally be able to laugh with somebody about the subject of death. You'll finally be able to tell all those hilarious death jokes you've been biting your tongue about because you don't want people to start crying around you. You'll laugh with them in a way that only two people who have been told of their imminent demise can. Somehow that laughter with a soul with whom you are sharing a similar experience will make it a bit more okay. You'll realize that you can do this.

That you're not the first human to face adversity.

That the world is the same as it has always been; it is only your perception of it that has changed. This is still your life to do with as you please, albeit probably within a shorter time.

You will realize that you are stronger than you thought you were. That people love you more than you thought. That you want to live more than you thought.

So you get up out of bed each day and vow to quit being such a lazy p***k and go outside and smile under the sun for a bit longer. Better do it before you're dead!