Kailua, HI, February 28, 2019.  At the invitation of Maylynn Wong, St. Francis Healthcare  System Manager of Family Caregiver Training Programs, Divina Telan Robillard will present “Living with ALS: Care and Perspectives” to a group of family caregivers in the community.  Shawn and Renee Brewer, long time advocates of ALS Residence, will assist in presenting the perspectives part, after Robillard discusses the care portion of the presentation.  Two years ago, Robillard and the Brewers started presenting jointly on these aspects of living with ALS with the UH JABSOM School of Communications and Speech Disorders.  It has been a regular Fall presentation since that time.

The presentation will be geared to a lay, community audience.  Wong’s program envisions a quarterly presentation on different topics to satisfy community requests for assistance by families in providing care to many patients who prefer staying at home.

The ALS presentation is $10 per participant, which includes free snacks, parking, and handouts.