A screenshot a week ago of Divina’s FB Fundraiser shows the goal surpassed by $17!

August 25, 2018, Kailua, Hawaii.   Board of Director members, Katherine O’Connor and Divina Telan Robillard are celebrating their birthdays this month. Katherine’s birthday is August 26 and Divina, the 29th.  To celebrate their birth month, both BOD members created fundraisers on Facebook.  Divina’s Facebook fundraiser goal of $1000 was surpassed within 48 hours.  Eighteen FB friends donated directly to the fundraiser which continues for one more week. Katherine also has a FB fundraiser continuing for another week.

The total amount of funds raised from Divina’s appeal on Facebook is close to $1400.  Personal appeal through email has brought in checks from other Hawaii ALS community members as well.

The total amount collected from the birthday fundraiser will be announced at the end of the fundraisers.