August 24, 2020, Kailua. – The pandemic has dramatically and irrevocably changed the landscape of life on earth. In the non-profit sector, fundraising is made more difficult by the combination of continuing need for public support and the restrictions on in-person contact. Consequently, non-profits switch to socially distant ways of requesting for needed support.

We, at ALSFH, are still understanding the challenges of fundraising mainly by social media. Aside from being a non-techie three-member Board,  we also have no paid staff. We rely on occasional assistance from family “voluntolds” and friends.

Asking for donations on our birthdays on Facebook instead of celebrations and gifts had been a reliable way of adding to our treasury. Good friends of ours, most recently retired Leeward Community College Professor Raymund Liongson, have likewise created FB fundraisers in honor of ALSFH.  Katherine and I will also be asking for donations in celebration of our birthdays on August 25 and 29, respectively.

Please check out our individual appeal for donations on Facebook beginning today for Katherine O’Connor. Donations on FB fundraisers run for three weeks.

Much mahalo for your generosity – for helping us reach our fundraising goals and for thankfully celebrating Katherine’s 71st and my 67th years of the good life!