May 13, 2020, Kailua, HI.  Participating in the global giving movement, #GivingTuesday, Divina Robillard started a fundraiser on her Facebook profile page with an initial goal of $200. Within two hours, the goal was met. “I was thrilled and awed! My network of close friends know how near and dear ALSFH is to my heart. Truly, the world continues to be generous despite Covid-19,” says a grateful Divina.

To stimulate more giving, Divina pushed the goal post to $400, which was also met. The FB fundraiser continues to May 15, Friday.

Here at ALSFH, we are very grateful for the big amounts that quickly bolster the fund for opening the Hawaii ALS Hale.  However, it’s the small amounts that make our hearts glow. Four hundred dollars may not be a big deal in the scheme of things. To open a Hale requires $10M.  But we believe in our community’s positive attitude manifested by their investment – big or small – on a critical resource for our ALS community.  Big amounts are built on small ones. That is why we love small fundraisers like the ones you can set up in your neighborhood, among your friends, or in your workplace.

Creating a fundraiser through one’s Facebook account is a free and easy way of propagating awareness about the need for a smart home in Hawaii that would provide the specialty and dignified care that pALS deserve and need. Much of ALSFH support has come from FB friends and our social networks.  Proceeds go through Network for Good, a non-profit, which channels the final total minus a small amount for handling.  The drawback is unless the fundraising person provides the names of the donors to ALSFH, follow-up thanks cannot be delivered.

To donate to Divina’s fundraiser, please click on

Much mahalo for your vital support for the Hawaii ALS Hale (Residence).