September 9, 2019, Kailua, HI.  Foodland and Western Union Foundation in Hawaii started its annual “Give Aloha” Program on September 1st to continue the legacy of founder, Maurice “Sully” Sullivan of giving back to the community.  Foodland gives more than $250,000 annually to non-profits that participate in the program.

ALSFH unique sign on display at Kailua Foodland is made of recycled cardboard and took less than $2 to construct.

For the first time this year, ALSFH signed up to participate in the  program. Katherine O’Connor, ASLFH Treasurer, constructed its sign out of recycled cardboard. “I spent less than $2 on the sign,” Kathy said proudly, “I paid only for the grommets needed to attach the sign to the beams, as per Foodland guidelines.” The unique sign is now on display at the Kailua Foodland branch.

Alexa-Rae Telan, a student of Audio Engineering at the Honolulu Community College and volunteer for ALSFH, taped and edited a video promoting the ALSFH campaign for donations.  It is posted on ALSFH page on Facebook. to view the video, copy this URL and paste it on your browser:

Foodland shoppers can donate to ALSFH by giving the number 78937 at the checkout counter. Foodland will track all customer donations to ALSFH until the end of the month. All donations and Foodland’s matching amount will be given to the charity on October 31. Foodland’s matching gift is divided proportionately among all participating organizations based on customer donations to the organizations.