Ron Nagasawa, publisher of NP-friendly Midweek, discusses how to get published

Sean Ibara, KHON2 Assignment Editor, talks about getting into TV news


April 9, 2019, Kailua, Hawaii.  Two years ago, Kathy O’Connor and I attended Mona Wood-Sword’s annual offering of the basics of Public Relations for non-profits.  For Kathy and me, public relations is a skill that we needed to have if we were to succeed as an organization relying on community help to achieve our mission.  We needed to get the word out there about ALSFH, along with a million other causes as deserving of attention as ours. We went home that Saturday afternoon, clutching our media lists and new-found knowledge to our chests like treasures to dispense of and preserve carefully.

Fast forward to last Saturday, April 6, in the same cozy lobby of Dr. Hugo Higa’s eye and cosmetic surgery office, also home to Mona’s Ikaika Communications. Every seat was taken except for one which was probably an unavoidable absence that day because Mona takes care to fill every seat in the house.

Two years ago, Ron Nagasawa of Midweek spoke of his non-profit-friendly community newspaper and Robyn Furuya talked about ethnic radio, herself from KZOO, the Japanese language radio which broadcasts all the way to Japan.  New to me this year in this presentation were the Slug Media (social media) honchos, Tom Obungen and Grant Shindo, and Sean Ibara of KHON2.

It was a great refresher for me and a reminder to more intelligently follow-up on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I believe I am more likely to succeed with TV news this time around and remind myself to arrange for airtime on ethnic radio.

To Ron, Tom and Grant, Sean, and Robyn, much mahalo for spending time with us on a Saturday afternoon. Mahalo nui loa to Mona for the year in-year out caring for those of us who are small; many times, uninitiated; and hard at work trying to make a difference for our deeply help causes.

Slug Media’s Grant Shindo and Tom Obungen discuss social media with Mona paying careful attention like all of us.