Divina with Giselle Kaahanui and Maylynn Wong. Giselle is Maylynn’s assistant during the presentation.

Shaun and Renee Brewer meeting with participants in the hallway after the presentation.

March 10, 2019, Kailua, HI. By invitation of Maylynn Wong, Manager of the St. Francis Healthcare Family Caregiver Training Programs, Divina Telan Robillard and partners, Shaun and Renee Brewer, presented a two-hour session of “Care and Perspectives: ALS Care” last Saturday, March 2, 9-11 am at Weinberg Bldg. St. Francis Healthcare provides caregiver training to the community for a small fee, on different aspects of caregiving at home.  Late last year, Wong, Telan Robillard and Katherine O’Connor discussed offering ALS caregiving lessons within the program on a regular basis.  

Saturday’s lively discussion also included FREE snacks, parking, and handouts.The seven participants in Saturday’s presentation gave positive feedback. The next presentation has been set for Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 5-7 pm, Weinberg building.

Please call Maylynn Wong at 547-8138, or email her at mwong@stfrancishawaii.org for more information on the program and to enroll in the next ALS presentation.