24 March 2018, Kailua, HI.  Under the leadership of Bonnie Delos Santos, a registered nurse who recently retired from Cedar Sinai Hospital in California, the St. John the Apostle and Evangelist Health Ministry Committee is in charge of organizing activities that motivate the Church membership to be health-conscious as part of Catholic Christian living.  On Saturday, March 23, during the Committee’s monthly meeting, Divina Telan Robillard presented on ALS, the ALS Foundation of Hawaii, and Volunteer needs of the ALS Community on Oahu.  Committee member, Dr. Ben Gozun, recommended contacting Hawaii Independent Physician’s Association for a similar presentation to increase awareness of the Oahu ALS community.

For inquiries or arranging for presentations, please contact Divina at 256-3932 or email divina@alsfoundationhawaii.org.