Dr. Ric Custodio with Divina and Waipahu High School students.

July 18, 2018. Waipahu, HI. Students in Dr. Ric Custodio’s “Survey of Health Professions” class at Waipahu High School learned how Divina Telan Robillard’s nursing background helped in providing care for her husband, Britt Robillard, PhD, when he was diagnosed with ALS in late 1984.  Dr. Robillard lived decades beyond the average 3-5 year lifespan of pALS. He passed away in 2015, four years after retirement from his faculty position in the University of Hawaii Department of Sociology. Telan Robillard attributed Britt’s longevity to his personal tenacity, her determination and nursing background, and tremendous family and community support. As a pALS, Britt lived at home and Telan Robillard was his primary caregiver.  Telan Robillard’s experiences as a primary caregiver led her to help establish ALSFH.

Divina discusses her nursing career in relation to caregiving her husband who was a pALS.

ALSFH’s mission is to establish an ALS Residence in Hawaii to provide specialty care to pALS who cannot be cared for at home – for them to achieve a quality of life not usually available in traditional long-term care facilities. ALSFH also provides ALS awareness presentations upon invitation.

Dr. Ric Custodio is Director of UH West Oahu’s Health Occupations Program. He invited Telan Robillard to speak to the class about ALS and Nursing careers.  The students in class, all of whom are first generation Americans of Filipino parentage, shared their preferred careers in health.  Of the 11 students, five said they were interested in nursing.

Group shows shakas after class.

Contributor: DTR